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If I Was... Book Tag

Hey Guys!

I feel like every one of my blog posts lately starts out with an apology for my long absences, and this one is definitely going to be no different.

Work had finally settled back down, and I had my blog back on a regular updating schedule, but of course chaos struck again.

My job at the restaurant I work with you is split between two people. Myself and one of the guys I work with were both given the promotion to this position back in February, and since then I've been pulling more than my fair share of the work, but I honestly didn't really mind as I'm really loving my new position. However, a couple of weeks ago this other guy decided to take a second job, and drastically reduce his hours at the restaurant, and so my responsibilities have kind of doubled lately.

I'm honestly loving the opportunity to get to learn how to do everything he was handling as well, and my boss has been absolutely amazing through everything, and has been so appreciative of all the extra hours I've been putting in. However, it hasn't left me with a lot of free time lately, and sadly, my blog was one of the things that suffered because of this.

Today though, I finally found some time so sit down and write a blog post, and I'm excited to finally be back on my blog, talking to all my bookish friends once again. :)

Today I want to share with all you guys a fun book tag that I discovered a few weeks ago, and that is the "If I Was... Book Tag that was created by Elliot Brooks on Youtube, and you can see the original video here.

If I was stuck on a really long flight, which fictional character(s) would I want sitting next to me?

I'd definitely have to say Adrian and Sydney from Bloodlines as I know the two of them could keep my entertained with listening to their antics.

If I was discovered to have magical abilities, who would I want as my mentor?

Hmm this is definitely a tough one, but I think I'd pick Holiday and James from the Shadow Falls series. She'd know how to be sympathetic, and he'd know how to keep me under the radar.

If I was to rule any make believe kingdom/world/etc which would it be?

I'd definitely have to go with Narnia for this one. Despite how many books I've read over the years, it still stands out as the most magical place to me.

If I was to go on a dangerous quest, which characters would I want in my entourage?

I'd definitely have to pick the Kingdom Keepers: Finn, Maybeck, Charlene, Willa, Philby; and of course, Amanda and Jess. Considering how many times they've saved the Disney theme parks from the evil overtakers, they'd definitely be up to the test of helping on my dangerous quest. 

If I was caught in a snowstorm and had to take shelter for the night, who would I want snuggled up next to me for warmth?

Umm probably Etienne St Clair, since he's my all time favorite book boyfriend.

If I was assigned to make a scrapbook with someone, who would it be?

Maybe Alice Cullen? She'd probably be able to hint at future memories that I might want to leave room for in my book. 

If I was in charge of taking family photographs, which family would I pray I didn't have to photograph?

lol there's always so many dysfunctional ones to pick from, but I'd probably have to go with any version of the Herondale family. I can't imagine trying to get a Herondale to smile for a camera. 

If I was supposed to explain who the Kardashians are, and why they're famous to any fictional  character, who would it be?

I'm not a fan of the Kardashians in the slightest, so for this question I'm going to pick Daemon Black, as I'm thinking that his opinion of them might end up being closer to what mine is.

If I was allowed to bring anyone I wanted to a school dance, who would I bring?

I'd love to bring Ash and Puck from the Iron Fey series. I'd love to see the chaos the two of them could cause together for a couple of hours. 

If I were the maid of honor/best man for any fictional character, who would it be and what would I plan?

I'd love to be Isabelle Lightwood's maid of honor. I'd probably plan a girlie spa night with a side of shadow hunting for the fun of it. 

Thanks so much for reading guys! I tag any of you who are interested in doing this, and I really hope I'll be back soon with a new blog post.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


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