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Summer Book Haul #bookhaul #tbrlist

Good Morning Everyone, and Welcome Back to the Preppy Book Princess!

I'm Kirby, and I feel that I need to start today's post with an apology for how long it's been since my last post.

Unfortunately, as I've mentioned in previous posts, work has been downright crazy lately, and with me having so much more responsibility on my shoulders now, I haven't had as much free time as I'm used to. 

However, I'm definitely working through the process of figuring out how to balance everything, and I'm committed to finding the time to getting my blog back on a regular updating schedule.

For the last few weeks, I haven't had much of a life outside of work, but this week I'm determined to figure out a balance, and I hope to have my usual three posts posted, and I'm going to take some time to head to the beach with my hubby, where aside from relaxing I hope to also get some awesome bookstagram photos.

Anyways, long back story over, today I'm here with my summ…

Hosting My First Book Club Meeting

Happy Wednesday Guys, 

I'm Kirby, and welcome back to the Preppy Book Princess.

I wanted to do a little bit different post than normal today for all you guys.

Last weekend, I hosted my first ever book club meeting, and it was so much fun that I decided I wanted to share all about it on my blog.

My book club is definitely not the typical type, as it's just my best friend and I. For years, we were both interested in being a part of one,  but we couldn't find anyone else interested in starting one with us, so we decided to go ahead and start it with just the two of us, and it was honestly so much fun.

I spent a few hours putting together a food spread that I thought looked pretty good if I do say so myself.
The menu included: a vegetarian taco salad, a fruit salad, a veggie platter, a cracker tray, boursin cheese, garlic hummus, and artichoke and asiago cheese dip. As well, I had to find a way to throw my disney obsession in the mix so I put out my favorite wonderland teas, and se…

Christmas In July 2017: Christmas Book Recommendations

Hello Everyone, and Welcome Back to the Preppy Book Princess :)

I'm excited to say that I made it through the last weekend of June, which as I've previously stated on my blog is the busiest work period of the entire year for me, and this year was no exception. I pulled a lot of long days, including a fifteen hour shift one day, but it's all over now, and I'm excited to finally have some time to post a new blog post for all you guys.

It's time once again for Christmas In July, and I find myself extremely jealous of everyone in the USA who gets the Hallmark channel, as they're airing so many amazing sounding movies in the coming weeks.

Since I can't be curling up and watching said movies, I'm going to be reading amazing books instead, and since I'd done a Christmas Book Recommendation post for Christmas In July last year, which you can find here, I thought it would be fun to do another one this year. :)

Christmas On Candy Cane Lane by Sheila Roberts:

My fi…