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August 2017 Wrap Up!

Happy First Of September Everyone!!!!!

I couldn't honestly be more excited about the beginning of the fall season being upon us, and I'm so excited you all chose to join me today on the Preppy Book Princess.

I'm not gonna lie guys, it's been an embarrassingly long time since I last did a wrap up post, and honestly, off the top of my head I literally can't even remember when the last one was.

However, I decided that August was definitely the month I needed to get back to doing them when I can, and so today I'm excited to share with all of you guys the books I finished in August 2017.

I also wanted to mention that you're going to be seeing more and more inspirational fiction on my blog from now on. While it's always been one of my all time favorite genres, it's sometimes unfortunately taken a backseat to other genres here on my blog, and I'm really excited for this to finally change.

While I will always also read and enjoy books that aren't Christian, I'm also equally as excited to be reading and featuring more books on my blog that are Christian.

Long, winded, introduction over, let's get on with the wrap up. :)

Before We Kiss by Susan Mallery:

I've honestly found my enjoyment of the Fool's Gold series wavering a bit in the last few I've read. I really enjoyed the first few books in the series, and I loved the Christmas themed stories, but I'm getting a little tired of the same old plot line over and over again, and how it always seems to revolve around a friends with benefits situation. As well, this particular novel dives into way more sexual content than I could possibly ever be comfortable reading, and it really took away from the enjoyment of the rest of the story for me. All in all, I only rated this one two out of five stars, and it was highly underwhelming compared to the earlier books in the series.

Home of our Hearts by Robin Jones Gunn:

I fully reviewed this one earlier last month on my blog, and you can find that review here.  The Christy Miller series was a series that I completely adored reading while I was growing up, as I loved reading about a teenage girl near my age facing the same issues surrounding her faith, family, friends, and the trials that came her way while trying to follow God's plan for her life. I'm so happy to say that this second book in the Christy and Todd the Married Years series was everything I was hoping for and more, and I gave this one five out of five stars, and it was definitely one of my favorite books I read the entire month.

Until We Touch by Susan Mallery:

Once again, I found myself extremely underwhelmed by this book in the Fool's Gold series. While I did enjoy Larissa's character for the most part, I couldn't find myself sympathizing even slightly with her whole situation, and once again, I felt that this was the same basic plot that's been recycled over and over again throughout the many, many books in this series. I only ended up rating this one two out of five stars as well, and hopefully I'll see an improvement in the last few books in the series, and that I won't end up feeling this same way about them as well.

Once Upon A Prince by Rachel Hauck:

I also reviewed this one fully on my blog earlier last month, and you can check out that full review here. I completely loved this fairy tale romance from start to finish, and I'm now definitely a huge fan of Rachel Hauck's writing style. I gave this one four out of five stars, and I'm definitely looking forward to continuing on with this series in the next few weeks.

Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber:

Anyone who's read any of my previous blog posts has probably heard me state over and over again that Debbie Macomber is my all time favorite author. Unfortunately, this is one of the few books by her that I don't honestly love, and it's only a three out of five star read for me. You can check out my full review on it here

His Eyes by Renee Carter:

You can check out my full review on this one here. But to summarize for you all, this one was a highly anticipated read for me. In fact, when I opened it on Christmas morning from my hubby, I literally squealed. However, I only ended up rating it three out of five stars, and that was mainly because I wish there'd been a tad bit more to it. It was an adorable story, and I enjoyed both main characters, but it really felt like the reader didn't get much of a chance to actually enjoy the blossoming romance between them, and before you knew it the book was over.

The Edge of Falling by Rebecca Serle:

You can check out my full review on this one here. While there were definitely parts of this novel I overall enjoyed, like Rebecca Serle's descriptive writing style that pulled you right into the story, and many of the supporting characters. I wasn't a fan of the way many issues were handled throughout the course of the story, and for that reason, I only gave this novel three out of five stars.

Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols:

Growing up, my siblings and I were raised on good ol country music. In fact, I didn't even really know what pop or rock music were until my friends started showing it to me in around third or fourth grade. I have such fond memories of seeing so many big time country stars in concert when I was all of five or six years old; like Reba, Faith Hill, Brooks and Dunn, Martina McBride, Clay Walker, Mark Chestnut....ahhh how much I loved those days. Even now, I'm still a pretty big fan of country music, and I've since seen many other big country names in concert as well. So it's probably not a surprise to anyone that this YA, contemporary novel focusing on a teenage girl that grew up playing a fiddle on the country and bluegrass circuit really appealed to me. And in many ways this book definitely didn't disappoint. 

I really loved Bailey's character, and the way she's willing to do whatever it takes to be there for her younger sister, even with the way the rest of her family has thrown her to the curb because of said younger sister. I loved seeing the way that music is where she truly feels she belongs, and the way she's able to connect with those around her by using it. However, while overall I enjoyed her relationship with Sam. There were parts of the story where I really wasn't a fan of the way Sam treated Bailey, and the way that their relationship progressed to the depths it did over the course of only a few days. I still rated this one four out of five stars though, as I did really enjoy it overall.

A Turn In the Road by Debbie Macomber:

Ever since reading A Good Yarn a few months ago, I've been curious as to what Bethane Hamilton's character has been up to, and in A Turn in the Road, I finally got my answer. Bethane's ex has finally come to his senses, and wants nothing more than his wife and family back. However, circumstances have changed for Bethane from what they were when she was married, and she's not sure if taking him back is the right course of action for herself. An unexpected opportunity arises that allows Bethane to take a cross country road trip with Ruth, her ex-mother in law who's on her way to her high school reunion to face the man who's heart she broke many years ago, and her beloved daughter Annie, who's recently had her heart broken by her long term boyfriend. Bethane plans to spend time on the trip deciding whether or not her and her ex are meant to be, but she's not prepared for the sudden feelings she develops for a biker they meet in a chance encounter in a diner. I can't even describe how much I loved this amazing book by my all time favorite author, and I rated it five out of five stars.

The Crown by Kiera Cass:

This final installment in the Selection series is one that I've been anxiously anticipating for as long as I can remember. I actually purchased it during it's release week, and yet I held off on reading it as I was sad to see one of my all time favorite series come to its final conclusion. After finally taking the time to read it last month, I have to say I'm a teeny bit disappointed. While I personally was a fan of Eadlyn's choice from her male suitors, I wasn't a fan of everything else that happened at the end, as it seemed too highly unbelievable. Unfortunately I only ended up rating this one three out of five stars, and while I did still enjoy it, I'm sorry to say that it failed to live up to the three original novels in this series in my opinion. 

Christmas at Carnton by Tamera Alexander:

Christmas at Carnton was an amazing story, and was brilliant experience for my first ever read by Tamera Alexander. I will be fully posting my review on this one next week, and so today I'm simply going to say that I loved every single page, and I rated it five out of five stars.

Starting Now by Debbie Macomber:

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I'm currently working my way through the Blossom Street series by my all time favorite author Debbie Macomber. This ninth installment in the series was one of the last books I finished last month, and unfortunately, I found myself not really enjoying it as much I'd enjoyed most of the others. After completely loving A Turn In The Road, I had extremely high hopes for this one, but I really found myself unable to connect with the main character, and the selfish decisions she kept making over and over again. I rated this one three out of five stars.

Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh:

Ever since hearing Renee Ahdieh speak at a YA panel at RT Booklovers last year, I've been dying to take the time to read one of her books. She talked a lot at that particular panel about the painstaking amounts of research that goes into writing her books, and I was really intrigued to read about the cultures she's chosen to represent in her novels. This novel is the first book in her new series, and it revolves around Japanese culture, especially that of the Samurai. This book was honestly not what I was at all expecting, and yet I still found myself completely drawn into this magical world created within this book's amazing story. While this one was a bit more gruesome than I was originally expecting, it was a pretty amazing story, and I'm really looking forward to reading the next one once it releases in May of 2018. All in all, this was a great book to finish off the month with, and I rated it four out of five stars.

And that's it for the books I finished in August 2017 guys! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The photos do not belong to me, and all rights to the respective owners. 


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